Omnibus Srl was founded in March 1988, in the city of Verona by a group of business journalists decided to start professional services of communication. Since the beginning, Omnibus took care of press offices on behalf of Italian pubblic bodies and communication projects for pubblic and private companies. In the Nineties, Omnibus joined the publishing group Gemma Editco Srl (Verona – Bologna). Since then the company has developed Business Promotion initiatives for the increasing internationalization demand of the clients, giving born to the “International Business Service” (INT.B.Service). Through this action, Omnibus started to develop foreign market analysis, scouting actions on emerging markets and missions abroad – from North Europe to Russia, from North Africa to the Middle East, to South America – targeted at small groups of entrepreneurs or individual companies looking for partners, customers or suppliers abroad. Omnibus has taken charge of the project called “Green Med” for the development of cooperation between agro-food companies working in the Mediterranean basin. In this context the Green Med Forum took place, developed as a three-day event combining business meetings, seminars and visits to local companies. This is an annual event which reaches different cities around the Mediterranean Sea: Koper (Slovenia), Alexandria (Egypt), Rome (Italy), Tunis (Tunisien), Granada (Spain) and in 2015 Cagliari (Italy). It had the support of national governments and of the European Union together with the collaboration of international organizations such as UNIDO (Wien) and the CIHEAM (Paris).
In 2014 Omnibus became partner of Fruit Innovation, a project launched by Fiera Milano and Ipack-Ima spa, aimed at creating an international exhibition in Milan for the fresh produce industry, whose first edition was held in parallel with Expo from 20th to 25th of May 2015.
The company works on marketing and communication projects, with particular focus on the agro-food industry.