Press Office

This is the service which Omnibus has been focused on since its foundation in 1988 and continues to be carryed on professionally for clients in several cities such as Rome, Milan and Turin. This service applies particularly on companies, associations and economic bodies. Following the client’s needs, the service covers a variable period of time: press office of an event may last few days or hours, the same service for an association or a company normally develops on an annual basis. The service sets up an action plan, focusing on the medias towards which the client wants to apply, then on press releases, with a variable number of exits stated on the contract, in its dissemination, in the organization of press conferences with preparation of press kit and every other aspect. Omnibus organizes press-tour and accomplishes electronic pubblications and presentations. Press reviews are prepared every three, six or twelve months. For every customer, a journalist is in charge of identifying and proposing arguments aimed at making useful information to enhance activities and initiatives. To better respond to his needs, the customer can profit of the support of all operational functions of Omnibus and its associates.