Health safety first. For the fourth edition of The Rome Table, the international B2B dedicated to fruit and vegetables, confirmed at A. Rome Lifestyle Hotel on November 2nd and 3rd, the organizing company Omnibus, considering the particular situation at national and international level consequent to the Covid-19 epidemic, has adopted all necessary measures to ensure the health security of the participants.

The foreign buyers need to present a health certificate attesting the good health. A temperature meter will be placed at the entrance of each room of the event and masks and disinfectant material will be distributed free of charge. Furthermore, in agreement with the hotel managers, the spaces will be further sanitized before the start of the event, on both days, also through the use of UV lamps. An additional room will be available compared to the previous edition, as well as larger tables, to ensure spacing. Also for this purpose, the two light lunches will be served at the table in the restaurant area. Finally, entrances and exits will be distinguished in each room of the event.

“The Rome Table is neither a fair nor a congress, where the distance could be a problem, but an event where entrances and exits will be distinguished in each room of the event, we can guarantee effective meetings in a safe environment. And this also thanks to the partnership with a hotel that really offers all the guarantees, ” ensures the Omnibus management.

A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel, location for the second year of The Rome Table, for its part has arranged “protective and sanitizing measures to allow for an even safer and more peaceful stay experience”. In the communal areas and in those with the highest attendance, measures and tools are guaranteed beyond the standard protocols for health protection. We read in a message sent by the hotel managers: “We have staff dedicated to the constant sanitization of surfaces through the use of suitable disinfectant detergents. Disinfectant gel columns are positioned at the entrance of the hotel, at the reception, in front of the elevators, at the Congress Center and in many areas frequented by guests. Special signs will be set up in the communal areas to maintain physical distancing. Implementation of separation devices for entry and exit from the hotel, for the management of flows with spacing and constant sanitation of any objects used by guests during check-in and check-out, are ensured to provide the highest level of protection ” .

And again: “We are implementing advanced technologies, including electrostatic nebulizers, to sanitize surfaces throughout the hotel, UV lamp technology devices for sanitizing all shared tools. UV technology will also be used to sanitize and purify the filters of the air conditioning, to ensure greater cleaning of the air even with specific machinery that will be installed “.

In short, the instructions, provided by the Italian Ministry of Health and WHO, will only be a starting point for the health safety standards guaranteed during The Rome Table 2020.

Registration is open. The engagement of foreign buyers and Italian distribution proceeds regularly with a careful selection, such as to guarantee participants a unique commercial opportunity for selected contacts. The buyer list will be completed within one month of the event.

For further information, contact: therometable@omnibuscomunicazione.net