The Fourth edition of The Rome Table, the international B2B meeting focused on fruit and vegetables is confirmed on November 2nd and 3rd at A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel in Rome, which offers the participating companies, once again, the opportunity to get in touch with selected countries from all over the world. Registration is open from today, Thursday 18th  June.


Considering the particular health situation, this year the organizing company Omnibus, has adopted special security measures to guarantee the health security of the participants. The foreign buyers need to present a health certificate attesting the good health. A temperature meter will be placed at the entrance of each room of the event and masks and disinfectant material will be distributed free of charge. Furthermore, in agreement with the hotel managers, the spaces will be further sanitized before the start of the event, on both days, also through the use of UV lamps. An additional room will be available compared to the previous edition, as well as larger tables, to ensure spacing. Also for this purpose, the two light lunches will be served at the table in the restaurant area. Finally, entrances and exits will be distinguished in each room of the event.

The presence of 30 buyers from European and non-EU countries (including category managers of the large-scale retail trade, importers with warehouses and import-export agencies) and 10 Italian large-scale retail trade is expected. In agreement with the partners of the event, Omnibus is focusing the invitations and consequent engagements in Northern Europe (Sweden and the Baltic States in particular), Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Hungary) and some extra areas non-European: Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates; Argentina, Brazil and Canada; Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand; Ukraine.

Fruitimprese, Italia Ortofrutta Unione Nazionale, CSO Italy, Confagricoltura and Italmercati confirmed their partnership, particularly following the success of the third edition. The Rome Table, the international B2B meeting on fruit and vegetables, the only one in Italy, offers, at limited costs, the opportunity to the Italian companies to get in touch with qualified contacts from all over the world and to expand their business abroad. A maximum of 120 Italian companies are expected: 60% of these companies were represented in the last edition by medium and large growers from Central-Southern Italy and Sicily and by producers specialized in niche and territorial products with a registered trademark, 25% by growers from Northern Italy and 15% by wholesalers specialized in the export of mixed loads.

Each meeting is organized in advance, according to a calendar prepared by the organization, and lasts 20 minutes. The meetings will begin at 10 in the morning on November 2nd and will continue until 06:20 pm. They will start again at 10 am on November 3rd and will finish at 06:20 pm. Three set up rooms are used for the event, two for business meetings, where each buyer has his own table with an identification totem, the other one, connected to the first, used for all support services.

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